Common Heater Failures and What You Can Do

Many times, homeowners have no idea that there is a problem with their heating system until they are left in the cold. However, our heater provides indicators for almost every problem it can experience. Knowing what to look for in your heating system can save you time, hassle, and money on your heater repair.

Most heating problems are caused by simple malfunctions that can be rectified without a technician. If your heater won’t turn on, it could be a faulty thermostat.

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When Your Heater Isn’t Heating, We Can Help!

A dirty ignitor may cause your safety relay to activate, not letting your system start. Low airflow in your system could be caused by dirty filters or kinked ductwork. If your system isn’t turning on, it may not be receiving power. Check that the breaker isn’t tripped.

While these remedies seem simple, more often than not, they are the culprits behind your heating problem. However, if your heating system is still malfunctioning after these fixes, you may need a professional’s help.

When Should I Call a Pro?

If your thermostat is functioning properly and your unit still cuts on and then back off quickly, there may be an issue inside the ignition chamber including blower failure, pilot light malfunction, or even a gas leak. Safety switches are in place throughout your system to prevent unsafe operation, especially where gas induction is concerned.

Many issues stem from aged gas lines. Copper pipes were once used for natural gas lines, but have been found to create problems with flaking and clogging. A trusted plumber can replace your copper pipes with PVC or polyethylene lines.

If your heater is running but not blowing, you could have a malfunctioning blower motor. A professional HVAC technician can replace your blower motor in most cases to prevent the need for a unit replacement.

If your system isn’t running at all, there is a good chance you need a new control panel. These panels activate and operate your heating system with a series of relays, sensors, and control mechanisms. Your HVAC team can replace the part for a system that runs like new.

Local Heating Experts

Whether your system is making a funny noise or it won’t come on at all, the experts at R & M Heating and Cooling can perform your heater repair in Huntsville, AL quickly and efficiently to get your home warm again fast. Call us today at (256) 763-7535 to schedule your heater repair appointment.

How To Get A More Efficient Air Conditioner

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Since Air Conditioner Units Use So Much Energy, Installing a Ceiling Fan Helps Reduce Your Bills

Living in the South, even some winter days can be in the degrees of the 70’s! When temperatures get that high, all you want to do is escape to cool air in your home. But the lower your thermostat goes, the higher your energy bill increases as your Goodman air conditioner has to use more power and cooling liquids to produce cool air. The opposite can happen too, if you try to save money by cranking your thermostat up to dangerous temperatures. Too high of temperatures in your home will not only skyrocket your electricity bill, but damage your roofing and make you have to call for roof repair in TN and AL. There is a way to find balance, and that is by knowing about energy efficiency. There are multiple ways energy can be conserved, and the biggest way you can save it (and money on your electricity bill) is by making your air conditioning unit more efficient. If you are wanting a more energy efficient air conditioner for your Huntsville, AL home, call R & M Heating and Cooling at (256) 763-7535 today.

Ways To Save Energy

  • Installing window blinds and curtains helps to keep the inside of your home cool and protected from the sun’s damaging rays and heat during the hottest times of day.
  • Ceiling fans only use $1.50 of energy per day! Affordable and easy to install, these are great ways to get an extra breeze in your home.
  • Clean your air ducts and air filters regularly so there are no blockages and build up that prevents air from passing, and that makes your unit have to work harder and use more energy.
  • If you have a leak in your air ducts, tons of air is being wasted every day. Getting it repaired will drastically reduce your electricity bill.

Why Having Your Air Ducts Sealed is Important

“Out of sight, out of mind” is the motto of a lot of people. While fine, this can be detrimental when it comes to forgetting to maintain expensive and important parts of your home like your HVAC system. One of the most forgotten parts of the HVAC system are the air ducts, since they are tucked away in your insulation in your attic. However, when one breaks and air or water begins leaking out the ducts, water and energy bills skyrocket, getting the homeowner’s attention. If you notice air or water leaking from an air duct, here is a simple solution to temporarily fix it until an HVAC technician arrives to permanently repair it.

Call Our HVAC Technicians Today If You Need Air Duct Sealing Services

How To Fix Air Duct Leaks

  1. Turn the HVAC fan on and stick your hand in the air duct.
  2. Feel around in the air duct for drafts or any escaping air.
  3. Mark the large areas you feel that are losing air with a grease pencil.
  4. Light a match and hold it in the duct joints. If it falters, that is where a small leak is. Mark those small leaks with the grease pencil.
  5. When you find the hole, place air duct sealing tape over it.
  6. Examine the outside of the ducts.
  7. Mark and cover the same leaking spots with a grease pencil and sealing tape.
  8. Call an HVAC technician to permanently repair or replace your air ducts.

Having your air ducts properly sealed not only improves indoor air quality and flow, but puts less pressure on your roof as not as much hot air is seeping through the decking and roof that causes damages, meaning less home repair services calls. If you think you have a leaking air duct and need air duct sealing services in Huntsville, AL, call R & M Heating and Cooling at (256) 763-7535 today.

Duct Losses: 3 Simple Ways to Fight Them

Duct Losses

Ducts Losses are a Significant Source of Yearly Home Energy Waste.

When it comes to home ownership, the unseen problems are often the ones that cost you the most. Losses within your air duct system are a huge source of energy waste throughout the year, potentially costing you hundreds of dollars each year. In a statement by the U.S. Department of Energy, the department revealed that “Duct losses can account for more than 30% of energy consumption for space conditioning, especially if the ducts are in an unconditioned space such as an attic.” To help you combat these expensive duct losses, try one of these three simple solutions!

Solution #1: Get Your Ducts Sealed

Minor fractures and gaps naturally develop in your system over time, creating a constant stream of air that’s lost in transition between rooms. Perhaps the most cost-effective solution for averting duct losses is to have your duct system repaired and sealed. If you’re ducts are relatively new and you’d rather keep them, simply have a professional come out and seal them for you.

Solution #2: Replace Your Ducts

Traditional forced air systems rely on large duct lines that are highly vulnerable to leaks. Replacing these lines with more resilient and efficient ones can greatly reduce air waste. One of the most common replacement choices is a mini-duct system, much smaller than typical duct lines and much quicker to circulate air throughout your home.

Solution #3: Skip Ducts Entirely

With technology progressing as quickly as it has in this day and age, a completely ductless option should come as no surprise. Ductless air conditioning systems allow you to bypass duct losses entirely. If you’re in the market for a new AC system, it’s worth investigating. You can even find ductless solutions with smart zone control (for customizing temperatures in each zone).

To learn more about how to improve your HVAC systems energy-efficiency, feel free to talk with one of our specialists at R & M Heating and Cooling. Call at (256) 763-7535.

Summer Energy Efficiency Tips

Energy Efficient Air Conditioner

Summer Months Can Lead To An Overworked Air Conditioner and High Utility Bills.

The official start of summer is nearly here. Summer is a great time of year, full of fun and trips. However, one big downside is the sudden spike in energy usage many homes experience due to the extreme heat of the season. There are ways for you to reduce your home energy consumption and how hard your air conditioner has to work, lowering the amount of utility bills. R & M Heating and Cooling has compiled some of the top ways you can have your home more energy efficient this summer season.

What You Can Do

  • Invest in a Programmable Thermostat – While there are many kinds of programmable thermostats, they all allow you to set the stable temperature for your home. This will allow your air conditioner to work more efficiently, only working when needed to reach your desired temperature.
  • Control Natural Light With Your Blinds – Natural light can really brighten up a home. However, it can also really heat up a home, making your system work even harder. During the day, use your blinds to control the amount of light and therefore heat affects your home.
  • Have Your Ceiling Fan On – You may think it is silly to have your fan on while you have your air conditioner working. Quite the contrary! Your fan will help your air conditioner move and disperse cold air, getting your home cooler quicker.
  • Refresh the Insulation Within Your Home – Insulation prevents the outdoor heat from affecting your home and keeps the cool air in. Check your insulation and possibly replace it to ensure you have a good seal from the outside environment!

The last thing you can do is to invest in a newer model air conditioner. Newer models may have an Energy Star rating, showing how much they can increase your home’s efficiency. Want to get started on your new energy efficient air conditioner installation in Huntsville, AL? Give R & M Heating and Cooling a call today at (256) 763-7535!