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When you need AC and heating experts with skills and experience, from a reliable air conditioner contractor in Huntsville, AL, come to us. You need to know you can trust the company and its team. Your search ends here. We're a family-owned business working in the area with a team of HVAC experts. To help ensure you get the best possible work from us, our team is licensed, insured, and bonded. Whether you need parts in your system replaced, or you need and entirely new HVAC system, we do it all.

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We Are Your Heating and AC Contractors.

As a full-service heating and cooling repair company, we provide comprehensive repairs and replacements in and near Huntsville, AL. Our services include:

With R & M Heating and Cooling, you can trust us to provide thorough assessments, affordable prices, and reliable repairs. Our air conditioning and heating company provides free assessments too! We want 100 percent satisfaction from our customers, so we go the extra mile to take care of you and your home. If you need heating or cooling services in or near Huntsville, AL, give an air conditioner contractor a call today at 256-763-7535. To see if R & M Heating and Cooling services your hometown, please visit our areas served page.

Air Conditioning Service Company

It isn’t easy living with a broken air conditioning unit, especially in the Alabama summer heat. Let R & M Heating and Cooling cool you off with fast, professional air conditioner repairs and installation. After years in the residential HVAC business, we know our stuff. If you want top notch customer service and A/C services from a licensed air conditioner contractor in Huntsville, AL, contact us today!

Whether you need a new A/C compressor or a want a new, more efficient air conditioning unit, our team can get you set up. We offer comprehensive air conditioning services including:

  • AC Repair and Installation We replace and install all types of air conditioners. When your air conditioner cannot be repaired, or you want to upgrade your system, call our professionals for ac repairs and installations.
  • Air Conditioning Maintenance We provide all-year-long air conditioning maintenance. Let us help you keep your AC unit working its best throughout the year.
  • Air Duct Sealing, Repair and Install If the air in your ducts just isn’t flowing properly, you might need air duct sealing. Our HVAC technicians will seal air ducts, repair them, and install new ones.
  • Central Air Conditioning Repair Never be without your central air conditioning system. We offer all the central air conditioning services you need, from installation, to repair, to replacement.
  • Commercial AC Contractor We do more than residential AC service; we work on commercial AC units, too. Call us for your business’ commercial air conditioner needs.
  • Emergency Air Conditioner Repair When your AC problem just can’t wait, we’ll be there for you. We understand that sometimes you simply cannot wait to have your air conditioner repaired. When it cannot wait, we’ll repair it as immediately as possible.
  • Energy Efficient HVAC Systems You can use your HVAC system’s energy more efficiently. Ask us about energy efficient HVAC systems. We will help you by installing a more energy efficient unit.
  • Coolant Recharge Service Keep up with your AC’s coolant needs. Your AC needs coolant to keep your air cool. We will recharge your air conditioner’s coolant.
  • Mini-duct Air Conditioner Install and Repair Mini-duct air conditioning systems are less common, but we still work on them. If you think a mini-duct air conditioner is better for your home, we’ll help you choose, install, or repair it.
  • Whole House Air Filtration Systems Reduce allergens in your home with whole house air filtration systems. We will install or repair your whole house filtration so you have better, more breathable air.
  • Whole House Air Purification Purify the air in your entire house. We install and maintain your whole house air purification systems so that you can breathe better air at home.
  • Whole House Humidifiers Whole house humidifiers improve warmth and air quality in your home. Get more humidity in every room of your home with a humidifier for the entire house.
Man Working On Industrial AC and heater

We Also Repair Commercial Air Conditioners and Heaters.

No matter the manufacturer, our professional contractors have you covered. We will service any brand of air conditioning system you have without a hassle. When we perform installations, we use the highest quality air conditioners, made by Goodman and American Standard. We believe in these manufacturers’ top-notch performance and think you will as well. Do you have an old air conditioner and want to upgrade to a newer, more advanced system? Maybe you want to save money on your electric bill with a more energy efficient machine. If you want to see the difference from your old unit, contact us today for all of your air conditioner contractor needs.

Our family business is devoted to our customers and their families, and we hope to help you too! Give our air conditioning and heating company a call today at 256-763-7535 for all your heater and air conditioner repair needs.

Heating Company & Service

When it gets chilly outside, nothing beats sitting around an old-fashioned wood fire. However, in this modern day and age, we have the convenience of gas furnaces and central heating. If your home’s heater is broken or not performing to your standards, give us a call! We will send one of our experienced contractors to conduct a careful assessment of your heating system. Whether you need a simple repair or full installation, our team will provide top quality assistance when you need it.

We provide full-service heat repair and installation, including:

  • Central Heating System Repair Your central heating system keeps you comfortable. When your heating system fails, you don’t have to stay cold. Call us for central heating repair.
  • Commercial Heating Contractor We repair both residential and commercial heaters. When your business’ heating fails, you can call us. We can handle all your commercial HVAC repairs.
  • Electric Furnace Repair and Replacement We know furnaces of all types, including electric units. Call us for electric furnace installations, repairs, and replacements.
  • Electric Heat System Repair When your electric heating system fails you, call us. We repair heating systems, including electric heaters, as well as replace and install them.
  • Gas Furnace Repair and Replace A malfunctioning gas furnace is a dangerous thing. Let us repair your gas furnace. We’ll do it safely and quickly so you can get back to warming your home.
  • Heating Oil Heating Systems If your heating system uses oil, we’ll repair it. Come to us for repairs and installations of your heating oil heating system.
  • Heating System Maintenance You heater needs regular maintenance to last through the years. We will maintain your heating system, whatever the type, so that you always have a working heater.
  • LP Gas Heating System Your liquefied petroleum gas heating system needs the best care. We can safely repair your LP gas heater, and help you keep it in the best condition over the years.

At R & M Heating and Cooling, we always go the extra mile for our customers. No matter what your family or your home needs, our team of AC and heating contractors are ready for the job. Each household has different heating and cooling needs, temperature preferences, energy use, and other considerations. We treat each of our customers as unique, because each system we install is different, perfectly tuned to your household’s specifications for optimal performance.

Our company has been around for several years. We wouldn’t have made it this long without doing something right! For heating repairs from a trusted air conditioner contractor in Huntsville, AL, call your local home comfort experts at 256-763-7535.

Manufacturers We Use

We believe in providing our customers with long-lasting, premium air conditioning and heating services. This is why we believe in using only the best when it comes to air conditioning and heating units. The manufacturers we are licensed to install with any A/C or heater installation are:

  • Goodman Goodman is a highly recognizable brand in the HVAC market. They supply a variety of durable, reliable units to homes and businesses throughout the U.S.
  • American Standard American Standard has been manufacturing air conditioners and heaters for over 100 years. They offer heating and AC units that stand the test of time, just like their brand.
Person Testing AC

An Air Conditioner Contractor Will Assess Any AC Unit.

R & M Heating and Cooling offers a variety of units to suit any family’s needs. Each home is different, and every family uses different amounts of energy. skilled air conditioner contractor will make sure to carefully assess your home. Your preferred temperature and typical energy consumption play roles in making sure you get the right product. If you would like to cut your energy bill down or find a quieter unit, we can help.

While the quality of the manufacturer matters, it should not be your only consideration. HVAC contractors actually perform one of the most critical portions of the manufacturing process. The final manufacturing takes place at your home when your contractor assembles and installs your new system. The majority of air conditioner and heater problems are actually caused by improper installation. Poor installation can lead to early failure, parts malfunctioning, and even dangerous leaks. Because of this, it is essential that you hire a licensed, bonded and insured air conditioner contractor in Huntsville, AL, like those at R & M Heating and Cooling, 256-763-7535.

Want to learn more about our services and the air conditioning and heating systems we offer? Contact an air conditioner contractor today at 256-763-7535