Summer Energy Efficiency Tips

Energy Efficient Air Conditioner

Summer Months Can Lead To An Overworked Air Conditioner and High Utility Bills.

The official start of summer is nearly here. Summer is a great time of year, full of fun and trips. However, one big downside is the sudden spike in energy usage many homes experience due to the extreme heat of the season. There are ways for you to reduce your home energy consumption and how hard your air conditioner has to work, lowering the amount of utility bills. R & M Heating and Cooling has compiled some of the top ways you can have your home more energy efficient this summer season.

What You Can Do

  • Invest in a Programmable Thermostat – While there are many kinds of programmable thermostats, they all allow you to set the stable temperature for your home. This will allow your air conditioner to work more efficiently, only working when needed to reach your desired temperature.
  • Control Natural Light With Your Blinds – Natural light can really brighten up a home. However, it can also really heat up a home, making your system work even harder. During the day, use your blinds to control the amount of light and therefore heat affects your home.
  • Have Your Ceiling Fan On – You may think it is silly to have your fan on while you have your air conditioner working. Quite the contrary! Your fan will help your air conditioner move and disperse cold air, getting your home cooler quicker.
  • Refresh the Insulation Within Your Home – Insulation prevents the outdoor heat from affecting your home and keeps the cool air in. Check your insulation and possibly replace it to ensure you have a good seal from the outside environment!

The last thing you can do is to invest in a newer model air conditioner. Newer models may have an Energy Star rating, showing how much they can increase your home’s efficiency. Want to get started on your new energy efficient air conditioner installation in Huntsville, AL? Give R & M Heating and Cooling a call today at (256) 763-7535!