HVAC Inducer Motor Replacement

Have you been told that you need a new HVAC inducer motor? Did you wonder what that meant? The inducer is an important part of your furnace system. It is part of the fan that takes exhaust fumes and excess heat through the furnace heat exchangers and sends it out through the flue. Not only is a malfunctioning inducer motor bad for your furnace overall, but it can result in dangerous carbon monoxide buildup. Don’t leave this problem to get worse. Call the HVAC technicians of R & M Heating and Cooling at 256-763-7535 for inducer motor replacement in Huntsville, AL.

What is an Inducer Motor?

Man Working on Furnace

Make Sure an HVAC Inducer Motor Replacement is What You Need.

Furnaces produce heat that moves through your home. They also produce fumes, carbon monoxide, and excess heat–depending on their fuels. Without some ventilation methods, these things are potentially dangerous. The inducer contains a small fan that pulls air through the furnace’s heat exchanger, sending through a ventilation pipe and out of the home. Sometimes, it’s called a draft inducer because it creates a draft through the furnace. All this happens with the help of the inducer motor.

Inducer Motor Repair and Replacement

An HVAC owner usually has to be informed by a professional of when HVAC inducer’s motor needs to be replaced. The issues caused by a malfunctioning inducer and motor can often be mistaken for other problems if you don’t know HVAC systems well. It’s important to be absolutely certain that you need a replacement motor. If an inducer motor gets hot, that could be a bad sign. A motor that is both hot and won’t turn on will have to be replaced. Sometimes, it’s a power issue. The motor must get power from the control board. If it isn’t, the latter will need to be replaced.

Someone with some knowledge of HVAC systems may be able to figure out how to replace an HVAC inducer motor. Most average homeowners, however, don’t have this knowledge. There are DIY videos out there, but getting the right motor and replacing all parts effectively isn’t an easy task. There is always the risk of getting it wrong or taking a very long time to get it right.

Instead, trust the professionals. Start by letting an HVAC technician determine whether or not you have an inducer motor problem at all. Then, with a professional’s help, you can be sure to get the right part and the best installation. Call R & M Heating and Cooling technicians at 256-763-7535 for HVAC inducer motor replacement in Huntsville, AL.