HVAC Relay Replacement

Your HVAC has many circuits to control your system’s power. Among them are relays. HVAC relays are, basically, switches. When it comes to cooling and heating, relays work to turn on components that use high voltage like compressors and motors. Though these parts are switches on a basic level, it takes a professional to know when they need to replace, and how to do so. Call 256-763-7535 for HVAC relay replacements in Huntsville, AL.

HVAC Relay Basics

Circuit Relay hvac relay

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Relays are electrical switches; they are not dissimilar to light switches, in fact. When your thermostat reaches the temperature you set, a transformer gives the relay coil energy. That coil then works like a magnet and allows the relay to make contact with connections on both sides, thereby completing a circuit. When there’s no power, the coil is released and the circuit is open again. All this helps the thermostat maintain control over the power in the HVAC system.

Relay Testing and Replacement

To test whether the relay component is having trouble, a professional will connect the circuits manually to test them. If they work on their own, but don’t with the relay, then the latter is a problem. Measuring the voltage to find out if it is traveling between the circuits is another method for making sure these parts work. Some common problems relays have are burned coils due to excess voltage. Water leaks are also problems, as are pitted contact points.

These problems mean that your HVAC relay will need to be replaced. Of course, to know if you have these problems, you need a professional to examine and test the parts. Working with HVAC relays and other electrical components calls for a professional understanding of heaters, air conditioners, and their intricate parts. You also want an HVAC technician to test and make sure that a new relay is really what you need; many problems caused by malfunctioning relays can also be caused by other issues. Plus, there is the chance of mistakes and accidents, like an electric shock. Your HVAC expert knows the proper safety measures for heater and air conditioner repair.

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