HVAC Hard Start Kit Replacement

When your HVAC system is having a difficult time getting started, it may do something called a hard start. This happens when your system tries to turn on but has a hard time, so it turns off suddenly after just a short time. A hard start kit is meant to address this issues. If your HVAC system is hard starting, it could cause a lot of damage. Don’t wait to call the HVAC technicians at R & M Heating and Cooling. Reach us at 256-763-7535 for a HVAC hard start kit in Huntsville, AL.

Hard Start Kit Basics

Person Using Thermostat hvac hard start kit

We Will Handle Your HVAC Hard Start Kits Replacement.

A hard start kit is meant to help your HVAC system run smoothly and reduce the damage that hard starts can cause. Overall, it can extend the life of your HVAC system. When your system turns on, certain components, like the compressor, start up with it. However, some of these components require a lot more energy to start up. Over time, these jolts of power and their resulting heat can damage your compressor and AC components, particularly as your unit ages. The older it gets, the harder it starts.

That’s where a hard start kit comes in. The HVAC hard start kit shortens your system’s startup time and lessens the stress, and the amount of electricity it takes for your system to start. The hard start kit improves startup efficiency significantly, thereby reducing heat, and wear and tear on the unit.

Needing a Hard Start Kit

If your HVAC system is hard starting, you’ll notice a few things. For example, if your unit shuts off shortly after turning on, this is short-cycling. It usually means something is wrong with the unit’s compressor. Clicking noises could also mean a problem, as well as a tripped circuit breaker. The latter means that your system is using too much energy to start. Even if you don’t have HVAC starting trouble, a hard start kit could be a great investment to prolong the life of your system.

If you’re experiencing HVAC startup trouble, or you think your system could benefit from an HVAC hard start kit, call R & M Heating and Cooling at 256-763-7535. Our HVAC technicians perform hard start kit repairs and replacements, and other HVAC services in Huntsville, AL.