HVAC Circuit Board Replacement

Your HVAC system is full of parts that work together to provide your home with much-needed heating and cooling. All of these parts must be in working order for your system to function. Of course, none of your HVAC parts will work if your circuit board, or control board, is malfunctioning. It’s not easy to know whether or not you need a circuit board replacement; so many other details could cause your heating and cooling problems. That’s why you need the HVAC experts of R & M Heating and Cooling at 256-763-7535 for heater and air conditioner services, and HVAC circuit board or control board replacement in Huntsville, AL.

When You Need a New Circuit Board

Circuit Board

We Can Determine if You Need HVAC Circuit board Replacement.

It’s important to be absolutely certain that all other parts have been checked in the event of AC and heating problems. Replacing the entire circuit board is not simple, and it would be a waste to replace it, only to discover that your HVAC unit still doesn’t work properly. You can start with some easy inspections of your own.

Ask yourself questions: When was the last time you cleaned your unit? When was the filter last changed? You can run a few tests to narrow down what part of your system isn’t working. For example, does the unit respond to the thermostat? Is air blowing too mildly, or is it blowing at all? Is the air the right temperature. All of these things can lead you to an answer about what’s wrong.

Let the HVAC Professional Decide

In the end, it’s always best to call a professional to inspect your system. You can try to narrow down and cause and let your HVAC technician know what you’ve found. If don’t find answers on your own and you can’t figure it out, trying to inspect the circuit board alone is not a good idea. It’s a very sensitive, complex piece of equipment in your unit. Leave it to the HVAC experts. A professional will run all necessary diagnostics to find the real problem. If replacing the control board is necessary, your technician will know.

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