HVAC Blower Repair & Replacement

Your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning unit (HVAC) is meant to provide airflow and temperature control to your home or building. It needs a number of parts to do this, including a blower. Even if your HVAC system has plenty of warm or cool air, it can’t circulate it without a blower. If the air in your system isn’t moving and you think it might be an HVAC blower problem, contact the HVAC professionals at R & M Heating and Cooling for blower repair and replacement in Huntsville, AL. You can reach us at 256-763-7535.

AC and Heater Blower Parts and Maintenance

Industrial HVAC Blower

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Your HVAC system blower is made of several important pieces, including a motor, a fan and blades, and a motor belt. Like any other parts of a system, these must be maintained over time to help them last through heavy wear. Cleaning the blower fan blades helps them run more efficiently. Since the belt runs almost constantly during seasons in which you use your system heavily, it should be inspected for tears and cracks and replaced when those start to appear. Your motor also needs lubrication to keep running smoothly during operations. All of these things help preserve the life of your AC and heater blower, and your HVAC unit, overall.

If your air conditioner or heater starts up, but no air comes through, there is a possibility it’s a blower problem. You can try to diagnose this with some simple tasks. Sometimes, if you run your system a lot, your blower’s motor can become overheated and stop. If this happens, you should be able to press the reset button to restore the system. Of course, this may still mean you’re looking at future problems and should call an HVAC expert. A broken belt is another possibility; this should be replaced if it’s the case. Or, you may have a clogged fan that needs to be cleaned.

HVAC Blower Repair

If all the details you know to check fail you, then it’s time to call the HVAC technicians. They can diagnose and repair, or replace HVAC blower parts, as well as the blower, itself. Performing these tasks is a complex job involving intimate knowledge of the systems and electrical work, so it should always be left to the pros.

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