Heater & AC Capacitor Replacement

A capacitor is a device made to hold an electric charge, with pairs of conductors that are separated into parts by an insulator. Your HVAC system needs the capacitor to run the motor. Capacitors come in various sizes to suit your motor size. Whatever your HVAC unit and motor, you need a functioning capacitor for your system to work. If you think you may have heater and AC capacitor troubles, call our HVAC experts at 256-763-7535 for capacitor replacements in Huntsville, AL.

HVAC Capacitors

Man Checking ac capacitor

Let a Pro Replace Your Heating and AC Capacitor.

There are two primary types of capacitors–single and dual run. Start capacitors boost the compressor’s energy when the HVAC motor starts. Run capacitors work constantly while the motor runs. They are commonly composed of polypropylene film; this lets the stay energized when the HVAC system runs for long periods.

Single run capacitors are usually found in small AC units. They have two connections and can be attached to a single motor. There are not a lot of differences between single and dual run capacitors. Dual capacitors are much more powerful and can run in larger AC and heat pump models. They have three connections, and so when you need to replace a capacitor, you need to know how many connections your first had to know which you need. That is where your HVAC expert comes in.

Professional Capacitor Replacement

It is always better to bring in a professional HVAC technician to help you with capacitors. This professional will have the equipment and knowledge to first determined whether the capacitor is, in fact, the problem. Though a bad capacitor can cause a number of problems, it must be determined that the problems you’re having are, in fact, caused by the capacitor, and that’s not always easy. If it is your capacitor, you will need it replaced by a professional; leaving it alone could result in motor failure, among other things.

If you have been trying to diagnose your HVAC problems and you think you may have a capacitor problem, call R & M Heating and Cooling at 256-763-7535 for heater and AC capacitor replacement and other related services in Huntsville, AL.