Heat Exchanger Replacement

If you have a furnace as part of your HVAC system, you may have a heat exchanger–a device that transfers heat between two things, allowing warm air or liquid to move through your home, or building. Heat exchangers are important devices, and their maintenance, repair, and replacement require the expertise of an HVAC technician. Call the HVAC pros of R & M Heating and Cooling at 256-763-7535 for heat exchanger replacement and services in Huntsville, AL.

Heat Exchanger Basics

Heat Exchanger

Let the Pros Handle Your Heat Exchanger Replacement.

Heat exchangers are devices found within many HVAC systems. They offer a method for transferring heat between a fluid and object, or between two fluids. A common example is in the combustion engine; the coolant goes through the radiator coils and air goes past. The coolant is cooled and the air is warmed. A heat sink is another example; a heat exchanger moves heat from a device to air or liquid. Inside your furnace, it has two purposes–to send heat to your home when your furnace is running and to contain the gases produced by your burning furnace so they don’t escape into the warmed air. Overall, heat exchangers let you have the heat from the burning fuel in your furnace without worrying about the dangerous results of burning fuel–carbon monoxide.

When your furnace is on, your burners ignite to create flames in the heat exchanger. These combusted gases heat the exchanger. After this happens, your furnace blows air over the exchanger’s walls, and thus the heat is exchanged to the air. This means that air doesn’t go over your burners, preventing carbon monoxide from mixing with the air.

Managing Heat Exchangers

The basics of a heat exchanger’s function mean that it’s incredibly important this part work effectively. If it malfunctions, you risk carbon monoxide getting into your home’s airflow. You should schedule an inspection of your furnace twice per year, even if it seems as though things are running smoothly. Perform normal maintenance all year long, too. Change filters, clean parts that you can reach safely, etc. However, if you have heat exchanger problems, leave the repairs and replacements to the HVAC experts.

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