Gas Valve Replacement

Among the parts of your HVAC furnace are gas valves. This part of your system opens and closes so that gas can flow to the burners and pilot light. The small part alone is simple, but it’s a very important part of your gas-fueled HVAC system. If it malfunctions, the results could be dangerous. Don’t try to repair or replace this part on your own. Call R & M Heating and Cooling HVAC technicians at 256-763-7535 for a gas valve replacement in Huntsville, AL.

Gas Valve Basics

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Don’t Mess with Your Furnace. Call for Gas Valve Replacement.

Gas valves control the flow of gas to your furnace. They are also safety mechanisms to help prevent excess gas. There are generally two valves in your furnace system–a primary safety valve and a main valve. The first supplies the right amount of gas to the pilot light, and the second releases gas flow to the burner. The safety valve needs power from the thermocouple in the pilot light flame; without this heat, this furnace valve will close so that gas can’t get to the pilot light. This prevents excess gas in the home.

The main furnace valve runs via the thermopile or 24 VAC transformer. It allows gas flow to the burner trays. The valves are set in a series, and if there is a problem in the system, the main gas valve will close, but the pilot light valve will stay open. The gas valves also help maintain the proper temperature in your home by opening and closing to regulate gas pressure.

Furnace Valve Troubles

Gas-powered furnaces are complex systems. They’re also dangerous. When you tamper with these systems trying to figure out what has gone wrong, you’re tampering with a system that is flammable and cause oxygen problems in your home. Overall, it is never a good idea to try and repair your furnace valves yourself. You may be able to troubleshoot some small, more obvious problems. However, you should leave this dangerous job to the professionals.

If you believe you have problems with your furnace’s gas valve, turn off the gas and call our HVAC technicians. We will inspect, diagnose, repair, and replace your gas valve as necessary. Just call 256-763-7535 for a gas valve replacement and services in Huntsville, AL.