Air Conditioner Fan Replacement

Has your air conditioner stopped working? Can you feel the cool air? Can you feel air at all? If not, your fan could be the problem. AC fans are essential; without them, you can’t have that cool air you want when it’s too warm. If you feel no air, or it’s far too faint, you could have an air conditioner fan problem. Call the HVAC technicians at R & M Heating and Cooling—256-763-7535. Our experts will repair or replace your AC fan in Huntsville, AL.

AC Fans

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We Do Air Conditioner Fan Repair and Replacement.

Most air conditioners have two fans. The first one is outside; it takes air and blows it over condenser coils to remove heat. The second is inside and it blows the air through your home. If either of these fans breaks down, you won’t be able to cool your home effectively. There are a number of possible problems that could cause your fans to stop working.

Your capacitor, for example, is a part that collects energy to power your AC fans. A capacitor can stop working and stop your fan, too. If this part is broken, you will need a professional to replace it. Motors may also be sources of problems. Fan motors experience heavy wear and tear during HVAC use. If they’re too stressed, they will burn out. They are an important part of your system to maintain. A broken fan motor is a serious problem and your HVAC technician will have to help you with it. Clogged air filters can also cause problems for your fans. If your fan is working, but your filter is blocked, your fan won’t have enough air to move. That’s just one of the reasons that it’s important to change AC and heater filters regularly.

AC Fan Maintenance and Repair

The best way to avoid fan issues for as long as possible is to keep your HVAC system maintained. Let your AC technician come for a tune-up twice per year, even if you’re not having trouble. Change filters regularly, and perform any safe tasks as instructed by your AC expert. Any money you pay for maintenance is better than the more expensive repairs you may face if you let those things slide.

If your air conditioner fan isn’t working, then call us at 256-763-7535. We will repair or replace your AC fan, and perform any other necessary HVAC services in Huntsville, AL.