HVAC & AC Pressure Switch Replacement

Your HVAC system is made of many parts, small and large. Without any of them, your system will break down, if not immediately, then eventually. Despite being small, HVAC pressure switches are important. They protect your system from damage–if your AC temperatures are too high or low, or your furnace isn’t ready to run because the blower isn’t working. These little mechanisms are sensitive, and repairs and replacements need the expertise of an HVAC technician. Call R & M Heating and Cooling at 256-763-7535 for a heater and AC pressure switch replacement in Huntsville, AL.

Heater Pressure Switch

Man Repairing Electric Parts in HVAC

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A pressure switch on a furnace allows the electrical current to travel and start your furnace ignition. If this pressure switch fails, your inducer will not get enough power, and then your furnace’s ignition will not start. Your furnace is designed so that when you adjust your thermostat temperature and your unit gets ready to start, the control board gets information telling it to heat up. These parts make up a complex system; it’s constructed to sense when your thermostat is adjusted, and then adjust the heat accordingly. When your control board gets the information, it checks the pressure switch to find out if the system is ready. The pressure switch’s job is to know if the combustion air blower is operating.

AC Pressure Switches

Pressure switches protect your AC, too. They are safety mechanisms to protect the compressor, the unit as a whole, and anyone using it. There are generally two types of pressure switches–high and low. The high-pressure switch exists to keep AC parts from failing and refrigerant making its way out into the environment. There are several potential causes for a tripped AC pressure switch. A dirty condenser coil is the most common cause or a bad condenser fan motor. However, because there are a number of potential causes, and because pressure switches are sensitive, complex mechanisms, they require professional diagnostics and services.

Your HVAC pressure switch is a small, but sensitive and important part of your system. Let the professionals handle it. Trust our HVAC experts and call 256-763-7535 for a heater and AC pressure switch replacement in Huntsville, AL.