How To Get A More Efficient Air Conditioner

a gray air conditioner outside a house by plants

Since Air Conditioner Units Use So Much Energy, Installing a Ceiling Fan Helps Reduce Your Bills

Living in the South, even some winter days can be in the degrees of the 70’s! When temperatures get that high, all you want to do is escape to cool air in your home. But the lower your thermostat goes, the higher your energy bill increases as your Goodman air conditioner has to use more power and cooling liquids to produce cool air. The opposite can happen too, if you try to save money by cranking your thermostat up to dangerous temperatures. Too high of temperatures in your home will not only skyrocket your electricity bill, but damage your roofing and make you have to call for roof repair in TN and AL. There is a way to find balance, and that is by knowing about energy efficiency. There are multiple ways energy can be conserved, and the biggest way you can save it (and money on your electricity bill) is by making your air conditioning unit more efficient. If you are wanting a more energy efficient air conditioner for your Huntsville, AL home, call R & M Heating and Cooling at (256) 763-7535 today.

Ways To Save Energy

  • Installing window blinds and curtains helps to keep the inside of your home cool and protected from the sun’s damaging rays and heat during the hottest times of day.
  • Ceiling fans only use $1.50 of energy per day! Affordable and easy to install, these are great ways to get an extra breeze in your home.
  • Clean your air ducts and air filters regularly so there are no blockages and build up that prevents air from passing, and that makes your unit have to work harder and use more energy.
  • If you have a leak in your air ducts, tons of air is being wasted every day. Getting it repaired will drastically reduce your electricity bill.