Liquefied Petroleum Gas Heating

If your home is not connected the local main gas lines, then you need help getting fuel for your heating system. That is where liquefied petroleum gas (LP gas) comes in. LP gas is a fuel source for heating systems. It is used most often by rural residents with no gas main connection. The fuel is ordered, delivered, and stored in a large tank on the property, within a reasonable distance from the house. LP gas-powered systems are not nearly as common as other heaters, yet there are still many who use this type of fuel for heating. That means, if you have this type of system, you need someone to maintain and repair it. Trust the professionals at R & M Heating and Cooling for your LP gas heating in Huntsville, AL. Call 256-763-7535 today.

Liquefied Petroleum Gas Heat

Large Gas Tank liquefied petroleum gas

Liquefied Petroleum Gas Tank Storage

LP gas is an alternative form of fuel. It does not make up much of the energy sources in the U.S. It contains a gas mixture, with propane or butane gas. These systems work by distributing radiant heat through the floors, or via fans. They can heat your entire home or chosen rooms. Though this system of heating is less common in the U.S., plenty of people still use it.

Liquefied petroleum gas systems usually have a boiler for water heat. The system heats both the home and water via radiators that carry the heat. LP gas is efficient fuel. But, it is not common in urban areas because it must be delivered and needs a lot of storage space. People in rural areas find this system helpful, however. Modern, auto-ordering capabilities make it much easier to order fuel and keep a supply up. LP gas is clean, too; it has lower carbon emissions than some fuels.

LP Gas Heater Repair

An LP gas heater needs maintenance and repair, like any other heating setup. For this, you need an HVAC professional. An expert technician is certified and trained to work on your heating systems, no matter how uncommon they may be. Because LP gas is flammable, you should never attempt repairs yourself, and you should not let your system continue running if it is clearly not running properly. It’s dangerous.

Instead, call the HVAC technicians at R & M Heating and Cooling. Reach them at 256-763-7535 for liquefied petroleum gas heating systems in Huntsville, AL.