Heating Systems Maintenance

Nothing works in life if the effort isn’t put into it. That applies to almost everything. Your heater is no different. You cannot leave it to run for years without ever cleaning it, checking its parts, and performing general maintenance. Your heater needs a professional’s eye from time to time, too. Age, wear, dust and dirt, and much more make your unit run less efficiently, and if left too long, they can stop your unit from running altogether. Don’t let your heater fail because of poor maintenance. Let us help at R & M Heating and Cooling; call 256-763-7535 for heating systems and maintenance in Huntsville, AL.

Preventing Heater Repair

White Thermostat heating systems

Perform Regular Heating System Maintenance.

If you perform small maintenance tasks on your own–changing filters, basic cleaning, etc.–then a professional should see your unit approximately twice per year, and more often only if you have problems. All this will maximize your unit’s efficiency through its life. It will ensure that the basic care is always covered. If you need to learn how to maintain your heater with simple tasks, just ask your HVAC expert.

Your maintenance list should include checking basic parts of the system, like the thermostat. Is it adjusting the way you want? Does the system seem to respond appropriately? These are the questions you should attempt to answer when you check. You should also add filters to your list, and any parts you can access easily. Your heating expert can show you how to inspect parts of your system. Of course, you will usually notice if there is ever a problem; your unit won’t start, or it will shut on and off at random. You may notice that rooms don’t heat as they should, etc.

Professional Maintenance

The purpose of maintenance is to prevent these problems as long as possible. All heaters need repairs at some time; age guarantees that. However, you can go longer without the need for repairs if you perform regular cleaning, checks, and have your HVAC professional come to maintenance and inspections at least twice per year. If your heater is very old, you may want to have someone come inspect more than twice. If it’s time to replace your unit, a heater technician can tell you when, what the best replacement models are, and get it all installed for you.

Save yourself the frustration and expense of heater repairs as long as possible. Invest in the maintenance of your heating systems. Call 256-763-7535 and let our HVAC experts help you maintain your heater in Huntsville, AL.