Heating Oil Heating Systems

Oil-based heating systems are long-standing members of the heater family. Of course, like any other heating system, it needs good care throughout its life to keep it running well. Professional maintenance, expert repairs, and someone who knows when an old model should be replaced are essential for you to be satisfied with your heating oil heater. That is why we’re here. The technicians at R & M Heating and Cooling can handle your oil-based heating system in Huntsville, AL. Just call 256-763-7535.

Heating Oil System Basics

heating oil System in Basement

Heating Oil Heating System

Heating oil systems distribute heat through vents in your home, such as the floor, or via radiator steam. Your oil heater has a burner; when the temperature in your home drops below the setting on your thermostat, your oil burner starts. The oil travels from its tank to that burner, and then it is turned into a mist. That mist goes to the burner, where it ignites.

Your individual system setup determines how your heater distributes heat through your home. There are typically water and steam-based oil heaters. In a hot water-based system, the heated water circulates in your home in radiators and baseboards. In a steam-based system, the radiator pipes circulate that steam within radiator pipes. These units can also warm the air, which travels through ducts like other similar heaters. The burning oil can produce emissions that leave your house through a flue pipe.

Using Oil-Fueled Heaters

Like any other heating system, your oil-based heater has its pros and cons. The equipment for this unit can provide excellent heat, for example. However, you have to buy heating oil and have it delivered, and some people do not like this routine. While heating oil systems may cost less than other fuel-based heaters, the oil can cost more than standard gas.

So, if you are considering a new heating unit, you can compare and contrast your local fuel costs. How much fuel you use, as well as the general costs of that fuel, will affect how much you pay over time. You also want to consider how much maintenance the system will require. Our HVAC experts can help you with these decisions, as well as all the maintenance, repairs, and replacements you may need.

Whatever your heating oil heater needs, our HVAC technicians can handle it. We know all heaters, including the oil-fueled variety. Call 256-763-7535 for help with these heaters in Huntsville, AL.