Electric Heaters & Repairs

Of the home heating systems available, electric heaters are very popular choices for many people. They have their pros and cons, but people often choose them because they are sometimes simpler and more affordable to install than many other heating systems. Though they’re not for everyone, some people find they have more advantages in the long term. That’s why we offer repair for electric heaters in Huntsville, AL. Our heating technicians are licensed and have the expertise to handle whatever problems you are having with your electric heating system. Just call us at 256-763-7535.

The Electric Heater

Man Working on Electric Radiator electric heaters

We Repair Electric Heaters.

An electric heater creates heat by converting an electric current. There are three common types of electric heating systems. Electric central heating has one unit that heats all rooms. It has ducts that carry the heat into each room for even disbursement. If you don’t want a room heated, you just close the vent in that room. With this system, you can help yourself save money by programming the heat disbursed and tailor the system according to your needs. For those concerned about energy bills and electric heating, this can help.

There are also individual electric heaters or space heaters. These are portable units that you plug into an outlet. If you want to heat a room, but don’t want to run a heating system for very long, these can help. Of course, it’s important to never leave these alone when they’re running; they can be a fire hazard.

The people who like electric heating systems are usually those who live in moderate climates and don’t need a lot of heat, even in winter. While electric systems can be simple and affordable, using them regularly is often costly. Constant use can cause spikes in your energy bills. You can cut these costs by shutting off the heat in rooms you’re not using.

Like any other heating system in a home, you need to care for your unit. If you have an electric heater, you need only contact R & M Heating and Cooling. We perform repairs on electric heaters and other HVAC systems. Call us today at 256-763-7535 for AC and heating repairs in Huntsville, AL.