Boiler Repair & Replacement

If you’re one of the many homeowners whose home is warmed with a boiler, then you need not worry about having your unit maintained, repaired, and even replaced. R & M Heating and Cooling technicians know all HVAC systems, including boilers. Whatever type you may have in your home, our experts are licensed and experienced enough to handle all aspects of care. We will maintain your system over the long term, repair it, and replace it, if necessary. If you’re having trouble with your boiler, call 256-763-7535 for boiler repair services in Huntsville, AL.

Boiler Basics

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Trust Us for Boiler Repair and Replacement.

Did you know that boilers do not really boil water? That myth stems from earlier eras when steam boilers were more common. Rather, today’s boilers heat water using a fuel source–usually gas. Boilers offer radiant heat to warm your rooms. While a furnace warms the room’s air, a boiler warms the room itself. Many people find that they prefer boilers in winter because they feel these systems warm the rooms better, and allow owners to set thermostat temperatures lower, while still getting plenty of heat.

Boiler Problems and Repair

Like any other heating system, a boiler’s parts can fail. The electrical components, such as the thermostat and controls, may have their faults. Sometimes, air can cause a problem by making its way into the system. Low water pressure can slow the water so that your boiler cannot provide radiated heat at all. There are rare cases in which the water can freeze.

Whatever the problem, you need a professional who understands the complexities of boiler systems. It is never advisable to try and repair a boiler yourself, nor is it good to allow your boiler to continue running if you think it has issues. Instead, call us immediately when you experience trouble with your boiler. We will diagnose and repair any issues we find. We will do what we can to keep your boiler running efficiently. If your boiler is simply too old to continue, we will help you choose the best, most efficient new boiler and get it installed for you.

Trust us with all your boiler repair needs. Call our professionals in Huntsville, AL at 256-763-7535.