Can a Humidifier Improve Air Quality


A Humidifier Can Give You A Lot Of Health Benefits.

A humidifier in your home can be a great addition when used properly. When your home has just the right amount of humidity in it, you will see a lot of humidifier benefits. A home humidifier is something that is not wrong or right for every person and it is really up to your own personal preference if you would like to have one. There are a lot of excellent benefits that you can get from using a humidifier though so we’ll go through a few of them, below. There are so many things that you can’t control, like having to have a hail damage repair or plumbing issues, but one thing you can control is the air that you breath in inside your home.

Benefits of a Humidifier

Comfort – If you are constantly waking up with a sore throat or have dry skin that you want to go away, using a humidifier is an excellent option. When moisture is in the air, it is able to help alleviate some of the dryness inside of your throat and to your dry skin so that you will feel much better, especially during those harsh winter months. Also, if the air in your home is too dry, it will create static and that is why you touch something and feel that intense shock in your finger. Adding a humidifier to your home will help to reduce that as well.

Good For Your Home – Adding some moisture to your air will actually help keep wooden floors from cracking as easily. It will also keep the paint on your walls from chipping or peeling as well. Your home will thank you and as long as there is not too much moisture in the air, it can really improve the quality of the inside of your home and keep it at a good temperature too. Humidity helps make it feel warmer than it actually is so it can allow you to keep your heater down a little lower and even save some money.

Health – One thing we love about using a humidifier, is that it is good for children with lung issues like asthma. It will help prevent you from catching things like colds and even the flu. You can sleep easier knowing that the air you’re breathing in is not harsh and dry. The humidifier efficiency spans from keeping you safe from viruses to actually giving to a better quality of sleep as well.


What is the best humidifier for a house?

One of the top selling humidifiers that you can buy is the Leviot cool mist humidifier. These are great for moving around your home from room to room and is less permanent than getting a whole house humidifier put in instead.

Should I use a humidifier?

That is up to every person individually, but if want the extra health benefits, a humidifier can be a great addition to your home. We recommend checking out all of the benefits beforehand so that you can make the best decision for yourself.

Which humidifier is easiest to clean?

The smaller humidifiers, around 0.5 gallons are usually the easiest ones to clean because you can take the tank off and wash it out by hand. It is important to clean it though because old can begin to grow and then you will be pushing that into your air which can be dangerous.

Which humidifier is best for winter?

Almost any humidifier that you buy will work just fine. They all do essentially the same thing, some will blow out more steam than others and some will last longer or have a bigger tank. Our recommendation is to buy a cheap one first, try it out, and then if you decide you like it, you can buy a bigger one. That way no large amount of money is lost, purchasing a big portable one if you don’t end up liking it.

Is warm or cool mist humidifier better?

Warm mist humidifiers tend to be better for most instances. The reason is because the warm air will evaporate into the air much quicker so your air will be more humid, faster.

Should you sleep with a humidifier?

Yes, sleeping with a humidifier on will help you to avoid that pesky sore throat in the morning and can even help with snoring! This is always a great option and you can get the benefits while you sleep which is always nice.



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