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We Repair and Maintain HVAC Equipment Including A/C Units and Heaters

Are you looking for reliable air conditioning and heater services in New Hope, AL? At R & M Heating and Cooling, our expert technicians are here to assist you in keeping your house comfortable in all seasons. We have been associated with reliable heating and air conditioner repairs and superb customer service for several years in our community. Call us now at (256) 763-7535 for a free estimate or to find out more about the services we offer.

Your A/C and Heating Contractors

Problems with your A/C or heater can come up suddenly. Which is the reason we have trained technicians on hand to fix these dilemmas to make your HVAC system work effectively again. While the air conditioner manufacturer is important, the contractor who services or repairs your air conditioning unit is the key to its success. Make sure the HVAC contractor you hire has proof of insurance and licensing.

To get dependable service for your A/C and heater in New Hope, AL, rely on R & M Heating and Cooling to deliver quality service. We make repairs to enhance air conditioners and heaters functionality for home or business owners. Call (256) 763-7535 for extra information or get more details here on our website. Our heating and cooling services include:

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Services

Does your air conditioning appear to be less efficient? Has it starting blasting hot air instead of cold air? Regardless of what the problem might be, R & M Heating and Cooling has the tools to find a solution. We have many services available for A/C maintenance, repair, replacement, and more. Find out more about our air conditioning services:


Heating Services

It’s important to stay warm throughout the freezing temperatures. The warmer your home is during the colder temperatures, the more comfortable you can be while knowing there’s less chance of problems such as frozen plumbing. If your heater stops working or doesn’t seem to perform correctly, contact R & M Heating and Cooling at (256) 763-7535 for dependable heating services in New Hope, AL.

Parts Replacement

Parts Replacement

In order for your HVAC equipment to operate properly, the numerous parts that forms the system need to be functional. If your air conditioner or heater starts having difficulties, we can look over it to determine what the issue lies. We offer a variety of parts replacements that you can see here on our website, or just give us a call at (256) 763-7535 to go over the repairs you might require.

R & M Heating and Cooling offers top-notch repair for your house’s home comfort system. With brands like Goodman and Trane, we supply expert installation and service to keep your home comfort system running smoothly and your residence happy. With our expert air conditioner technicians, you can rest easy knowing all of your worries will be handled and your system will receive a complete inspection and service. Concerned about repair rates? Our team always offers free estimates and finds an economical rate for you so you receive the maintenance you require without worry.

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We will never disappoint you by failing to deliver the service you expect and the best customer experience. Get the expert heating or air conditioning repair you are looking for when you select R & M Heating and Cooling. If you need fast and affordable A/C or heating repair services in New Hope, AL, give us a call today at (256) 763-7535 and let us fix you up.