Air Conditioner and Heater Repair in Meridianville, AL


We Repair and Maintain HVAC Equipment Including A/C Units and Heaters

Are you in need of trusted A/C and heating services in Meridianville, AL? R & M Heating and Cooling is at the ready, no matter if your air conditioning or heating needs a quick repair or you need a brand new air conditioning system installed in your home. We have been attributed to quality heating and air conditioner repairs and superb customer service for many years in our community. Contact us first thing at (256) 763-7535 when you required maintenance or repair for your air conditioning or heating system.

Why Hire Us for HVAC Work?

When investing in air conditioning repair services, you should receive the highest quality service for your money. While the air conditioner brand does matter, the person who services or repairs your A/C system is the key to its success. Always check to see if the repair contractor you use is insured and licensed.

R & M Heating and Cooling offers reliable services you can depend on, so call today when you need air conditioning and heating services in Meridianville, AL. Our top priority is to see to it that that we make repairs that not only fix the issue but guarantee your HVAC systems is more reliable. Call (256) 763-7535 for more information or find more details here on our website. We offer many air conditioning and heating services including:

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Services

Does your air conditioning appear to be less efficient? Has it begun blasting hot air instead of cold air? Regardless of what the case may be, R & M Heating and Cooling can help you with all kinds of air conditioner issues fast. We have numerous services available for air conditioning maintenance, repair, replacement, and more. Find out more about our A/C services:


Heating Services

Your house should be warm during colder conditions, especially when the temperatures are below freezing. The warmer your house is during the colder temperatures, the more comfortable you can be while knowing there’s less chance of difficulties such as frozen water lines in your home. If your heater isn’t maintaining high enough temperatures in your home, call us at (256) 763-7535 for heating services in Meridianville, AL.

Parts Replacement

Parts Replacement

Your A/C and furnace equipment is consists of many components that all need to run smoothly in order for the system to run properly. When your air conditioner or heater starts having difficulties, we can look over it to assess where the issue is. We offer a multitude of parts replacements that you can see here on our website, or just contact us at (256) 763-7535 to go over the repairs you might need.

Our company promises to deliver the highest quality in A/C and heating services. With brands like Goodman and Trane, we provide skilled installation, maintenance, and service to keep your heater and air conditioner system running smoothly and your home happy. As a certified air conditioner contractor, we don’t rush any of our jobs. Never worry about repair cost; we will offer you a free estimate on the services your house requires and insure you receive the most affordable rate for your needs.

Contact Us Today for HVAC Services

As a family owned and operated business for several years, we continue to deliver on our promises of quality and service. Get the skilled heating or A/C unit service you need when you choose R & M Heating and Cooling. Don’t wait to call us at (256) 763-7535 if you need fast, reliable heater or air conditioner repair in Meridianville, AL!