Whole House Air Filtration System

Better air is a concern for everyone. While people with allergies know the benefits of a good air filtration system, they’re not alone in wanted better air quality. Whether allergens in your home are a problem, or you just want better air, a whole house air filtration system can offer what you need. Home air filters can remove more than 99% of allergens in the home, sometimes. If you want an air filtration system for the whole house in Huntsville, AL, call us at 256-763-7535.

Cleaner Air in the Whole House

Dirty Air Filter

Want Clean Air? Get a Whole House Air Filtration System.

Air filtration systems for the whole house are meant to remove and trap airborne particles, including those that cause allergies. A filter in your HVAC system attracts the millions of things moving through your air ducts to prevent them from making it to your rooms. Air goes through a pre-filter that contains the larger particles. You can also install a filtration system that has an electrically charged field to catch and contain even more contaminants in the air for cleaner, quality air. Some models can also catch gaseous pollutants. All of these air filtration systems are great for people with allergies, and those with immunodeficiency and respiratory problems.

Whole House Air Filtration Installation

Basic, single air filters for home HVAC systems are standard and simple; they’re easy and inexpensive to install and change. A whole house filtration system, however, is a more complex process and an investment. If you install this system, you want it done right. Not only is the installation process more complicated, but changing the filters can be more difficult, as well, as are repairs. Overall, it’s best to leave all aspects of installation, maintenance, and repairs to the professionals. An HVAC professional with whole house air filtration experience can help you from the beginning to ongoing maintenance. Your technician will help you choose the filtration system model that is best for you, install it, maintain it, repair it, and replace it if necessary, many years in the future.

If you’re suffering allergies more often in your home, or you’re worried about air quality and your family’s health, then consider a whole house air filtration system. This investment could be perfect for you and your family, and make you feel better about breathing the air in your home. Just call the technicians at R & M Heating and Cooling and ask about air filtration systems for the whole house in Huntsville, AL. You can reach us at 256-763-7535.