Mini-Duct Air Conditioning

Older homes can be beautiful things. Of course, if you choose to maintain their design, that means using some less common methods for their heating and cooling systems. Standard, modern HVAC units are sometimes not possible in old, or particularly small homes. That is why mini-duct or high-velocity mini-duct air conditioning systems were created. Though these systems are less common, our AC professionals know how to install and repair them. So, call R & M Heating and Cooling at 256-763-7535 for mini-duct AC systems repair and installations in Huntsville, AL.

Mini-Duct Air Conditioner Basics

White Circular Air Vent and mini-duct air conditioning

We Install and Repair Mini-duct Air Conditioning.

When your home is not optimized for modern HVAC systems, like an old home, a mini-duct installation is a modified AC system for such spaces. These air conditioning setups use ducts of much smaller diameters than the standard ones. This way, they can be situated under floors, in ceilings, and in walls spaces much easier. These systems are also generally high-velocity; they must be in order to move cool air through the home as efficiently as HVAC systems with standard ducts. Their outdoor condensing units are of standard size. They take high-pressure air and send it through the small ducts using special air handling units and fans. Many manufacturers claim that these air conditioners are both quiet and efficient.

What this means is that homeowners can still have functional, efficient air conditioning, even when conventional systems will not fit in their homes. To install a standard ducting, you would have to do a lot remodeling, but the mini-ducts require very little remodeling, if any, and eliminate the need for big metal ductwork. They also help owners avoid having to use window and wall-mounted AC units.

Mini-Duct AC Installation and Repair

Like any other complex system in your home, it is helpful to have someone with experience and knowledge ready to handle the details for you. At R & M Heating and Cooling, our HVAC technicians understand air conditioners of all types. If you’re considering a mini-duct air conditioner installation, they can tell you more about the system and whether it’s the right choice for your home. If you already have mini-duct AC, and you need repairs and maintenance, they can handle that, too.

No job is too big or too small. Call our HVAC pros at 256-763-7535 today and ask about mini-duct air conditioning in Huntsville, AL.