Emergency AC Repair

We understand the frustration of having to wait for the right time for a service appointment. We see the issue from both sides; we are service people on the job, but clients when we’re at home. Because of this, we also understand that not all HVAC problems can wait. We also understand that there are different types of emergencies. This is why we offer emergency ac services. Just call us at 256-763-7535 when you need emergency HVAC repairs in Huntsville, AL.

What is an HVAC Emergency?

Man in Chair with Fan emergency ac

There are Many Potential AC Emergencies.

There are plenty of incidents that qualify as AC emergencies–enough to create the need for emergency HVAC services. The more obvious situations are those in which comfort and health are at risk. If a summer heatwave hits and your air conditioner stops working, there are health risks of sitting in your home and baking, particularly if anyone in your home is very young, or significantly older. Food, furniture, and even your house itself can develop problems the longer they sit in the heat.

The same can be said for very low temperatures. If your heater stops working when it’s very, very cold, you will be more than uncomfortable. The extreme cold is no better for you than the heat; your body isn’t meant to survive either for very long. You need to protect yourself, your family, and your pets from the extreme temperatures.

Of course, there are moments when the temperatures may not be extreme, but the circumstances call for fast relief. If you have guests for a gathering and your HVAC system suddenly fails, you can’t wait to have it fixed; you need your guests to be comfortable. If you own a business and your HVAC unit stops, not only are your employees at risk, but your computers and equipment need extra ventilation and cooling to prevent overheating.

Professional Emergency HVAC Services

There are plenty of incidents that qualify as emergencies, and that’s why R & M Heating and Cooling provides emergency services. All you need to do is call us at 256-763-7535 and tell us your emergency. You can call us after our regular services hours and we will come to your aid for just a $100 service fee. Contact us now for your emergency ac services in Huntsville, AL.