Air Duct Sealing

Your air duct system is a very important part of your HVAC system. Without it, the cool and warm air doesn’t move through your home. Some people might think that a duct system with a few flaws can’t be so bad, but ducts with leaks, bad sealing, signs of aging, and other things can affect how well your HVAC system works, and cost you money. Those issues can also lead to bigger problems with your system. Don’t let ductwork problems and inspections slide; call us at 256-763-7535 for duct sealing, repair, and installation in Huntsville, AL.

HVAC Air Duct Problems

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Maintaining your HVAC air ducts are a key way to avoid wasting energy and improve your system’s efficiency. When your duct system has leaks, or the ducts are old and inefficient, your HVAC system has to work harder to cool or warm your home. This creates a waste of energy and your money and wears down your system. Plus, you will be less comfortable in your home.

Homeowners with ductwork problems will typically describe similar signs. Their rooms may take too long to cool or heat up, rooms in the home are noticeably different temperatures, and the air coming through the vents feels too mild. These can be caused by duct leaks; leaks allow the air moving in the ducts to escape before it reaches its destination room. So, your room takes longer to change temperature.

Under-insulated air ducts also cause problems with the air temperature in your home. When the ductwork does not have the right insulation, the HVAC system must work to cool or warm the ducts before it can warm the room. This means more air flow for a longer period of time before the room is the temperature you want. Sometimes, the air flow is not consistent; unbalanced air flow will result in some rooms to be the right temperature, while others will not.

Solution for Air Duct Problems

If you have these problems, the best thing you can do is call the HVAC professionals at R & M Heating and Cooling. When you’re losing money to bad air ducts, we will perform whatever services are necessary to better your air flow. Whether you need air duct sealing, repair, or the installation of a new air duct system, we can do it. Call our HVAC experts at 256-763-7535 for air duct services in Huntsville, AL.