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We Use Only Trusted A/C Manufacturers

We make sure that our AC contractors only use the best-manufactured parts when they work on your system. Our contractors at R & M Heating and Cooling make sure you get only the best. If you want to know more about what our contractors use to service your unit, or to get a free estimate, just call us today at 256-763-7535.

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We Supply from the Best AC Manufacturers.

Brands We Use

To ensure the highest quality comfort for your home, we use AC manufacturers who produce top quality machines.


The most commonly installed air conditioning unit in the United States, Goodman produces good, affordable units for any household. Many people choose Goodman because they are familiar ac manufacturers. However, it is important to note that Goodman does not have restrictions on who can install their systems like some manufacturers. Because of this, many unlicensed contractors only offer to install Goodman systems, leading to installation problems and performance issues. Be sure to find a licensed, bonded, and insured technician to install your new air conditioning unit.

American Standard

Unlike Goodman and York, American Standard is a selective manufacturer. Contractors who install American Standard AC units have a certain level of certification and licensing. This can help customers know that they are dealing with a true professional rather than a side-gig handyman.

Brands We Service

In addition, we service the following brands:

Why Choose Us?

Brand names are important to many people. They provide recognition and a perceived level of quality. However, AC manufacturers are not like other brands; they do not complete the final product before you get it. Air conditioning contractors are the final manufacturers, making it all the more critical that you choose a top quality, licensed serviceman to install your new AC system.

At R & M Heating and Cooling, we know that the quality of the unit itself is only half of the equation. Expert installation is just as important in making sure your unit runs how it should. If your AC unit is not installed properly, it will not perform at its cited energy efficiency, wasting your resources.

To make sure you get the most out of your new air conditioning unit, contact the best Huntsville, AL air conditioning company. At R & M Heating and Cooling, we take the time to carefully and expertly install your new AC system so it will last for many years to come. We work hard to answer any questions you may have, show you how best to use your new system, and more. Our goal is 100 percent customer satisfaction.

If you need a new air conditioner from trusted AC manufacturers in Huntsville, AL, give us a call today at 256-763-7535.